Advanced Solutions in Digital Healthcare is a cloud platform that connects Patients, Doctors, Clinics, Medical organizations, Health insurance and Pharmaceutical companies.


For Clinics

  • No more wasted leads which means greater revenues.
  • Just one integration with connects you to all Health insurance companies.
  • Dramatically brings down costs of your call-center.
  • Higher conversion rate of incoming leads.
  • Better overall customer experience.

For Health insurance companies

  • Just one integration with provides you with access to many clinics.
  • No more fraud, no more extra costs and lengthy financial settlements.
  • Possibility for patients to book appointments online through the Health Insurance company website.
  • Communication automation, appointment verification with clinics.
  • Getting easy access to patients’ EHR.

For Patients

  • All medical data is at their fingertips — and will never be lost!
  • Patients can book an appointment with any doctor in real time. Even at late hours and on holidays!
  • Patients receive reminders in advance.
  • Booking is possible from any device, application, and website.

We focus on:

  • Instant EHR data sharing
  • Enabling access to medical data in real time
  • Security
  • Data immutability
  • Communication automation

How changes
the medical world

  • Patients still reach call-centers when trying to set an appointment… Clinics still use e-mail and faxes to exchange information with health insurance companies and other medical organizations.
  • To automate the process, an enormous number of integrations are required between clinics, medical organizations and health insurance companies, and this makes it practically impossible to implement.
  • The number of wasted leads is high; the processing costs are high as well. There is no way to easily share EHR easily between medical organizations.
  • Patients can book appointments instantly using their favorite app or website.
  • A clinic needs only one integration with to connect to all lead generators.
  • Lead generators need only one integration with to connect to all clinics.
  • There are no more wasted leads and high processing costs! is a company that makes the difference!

Right now, dozens of EHR integrations allow us to connect a huge number of private clinics in Israel and Eastern Europe.

And we are already integrated with almost all major lead generators and health insurance companies.

That’s why the top major medical clinics in countries of our operation have already become customers.

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